Working Titles

The theme of my blog three months ago was “no more excuses” in which I made a promise to myself that I would write more. My intent was to have a more frequent post cadence than once every three months. However, having my hands on a keyboard, working on this second post feels great. I want to write about a couple of different projects I’m really excited about, but first I thought I’d share a quick update of what’s been going on in my life.

This year has been careening forward at full speed for my wife, Leah, and I. We’ve been making our house into a home, work has been crazy for both of us, we have had our hands full raising the puppy we adopted back in October, and there was a particularly special announcement that we were able to share with our family and friends over the holidays; We will be welcoming a new member of our family into the world within the first weeks of August, 2017. Leah and I are bursting at the seams with excitement and we’re looking forward to the journey ahead of us. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous and anxious, but these emotions are drowned out by the excitement and love I already have for this kid and I haven’t even met him/her yet.

On top of the awesome news above, I want to share two of my favorite tabletop projects that I have been working. The first is a card drafting and push your luck game with a working title of Elixir. The second game I’ve been developing is a wallet sized RPG, focusing on social interaction with complete strangers with a working title of Wallet Warriors.


I came up with concept for Elixir somewhere between energy drinks and frequent pit stops on the 14 hour drive home from Gen Con in August, 2016. The concept of Elixir is to draft ingredient cards used to brew potions, while also trying to sneak unwanted ingredients into your opponent’s potions to gain an advantage over them.

One of my favorite game mechanics in tabletop gaming is card drafting. Something about starting on a level playing field and drawing upon a shared resource pool really appeals to me. When I used to play magic cards, my favorite format was draft, and most of my favorite board games rely on some form of card drafting as core mechanics for example, Inis, Blood Rage, Morels, and Dominion.

I made a prototype of Elixir the day I got home from Gen Con and since then I have lost track of how much time I’ve put into developing the game. Elixir is no where close to being done, however I have learned more about game design and prototype development while working on Elixir than I have by reading any blog or listening to any podcast. If there is one thing that I would want to pass on to my peers about game design is that you need to just start doing it. Draft up a quick ruleset and create a rough prototype so that you can start testing as soon possible. The sooner you can test, the sooner you find out what works and what does not. I have been taking a little break from Elixir and I plan on picking it back up in a couple of weeks to see if I can smooth out some of the concepts I have been struggling with.

Wallet Warriors

I’ve been kicking around ideas for an RPG for some time now and I got a boost of inspiration from my time at Total Con this past February in Marlborough, MA. The core concept for Wallet Warriors is to take the mechanics from a stereotypical RPG such as D&D or Pathfinder and remove most of the overhead reducing the character sheet to fit on a business card. I’m very enthusiastic about this game and am excited about bringing my passion for RPGs forward in a unique way. Wallet Warriors is being developed as a fast paced game that can be played between two people while standing in a line at a convention. There is a lot of potential for great social interactions between people gathered at large conventions, gaming events, or walking down the street and Wallet Warriors aims to be the catalyst for these unique social experiences.

My goal for this post was to share my enthusiasm and excitement for the events and projects I have going on in my life right now. I look forward to sharing my prototypes, my thoughts on game mechanics, and updates for the projects I’m working on, specifically Wallet Warriors and Elixir. Thanks for reading!


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